The Orisha : Right Character, Real Power, and True Tradition

The Orisha : Right Character, Real Power, and True Tradition

Latest Episodes

Episode 4: Oduduwa , Character, and Beauty
October 10, 2018

In this session, we explore the energy of Oduduwa and how it relates to beauty and character. When working to develop a more frequent rate of success in life, people can mistakenly chase the objects and markers of success without cultivating that succe...

Episode 3: Odidere – The Parrot in Yoruba Culture
October 03, 2018

In this segment we look at the Yoruba representation of the parrot. The significance of this beautiful bird is enhanced by the folklore that follows it. We also cover the placement of law one in the 48 Laws of power, “Never outshine the Master”.

Episode 2: Heal with the herbs of Babaluaye
September 26, 2018

Babaluaye Journey down this road of healed spirits and ignited personalities. In this segment, we explore the uses of two herbs that will connect you to the energy of Love, Wealth, Karma, and healing. Alchemy is certainly a discipline worthy of its own...

Episode 1: In the Beginning
September 19, 2018

Full Episodes at The premiere episode of The Orisha podcast! In this segment, we dig into the mindset of the evolving Aborisha and the tools we will need for this journey. We also speak about the actual nature of the Orisha and re-start ...