Multiplier Mindset® with Dan Sullivan

Multiplier Mindset® with Dan Sullivan

The AI-Powered Playbook Of A Lifelong Entrepreneur, with Joe Stolte

August 16, 2023

Joe Stolte is an entrepreneur working at the crosshairs of marketing and artificial intelligence. His company, , uses machine learning to help thought leaders and small brands build AI-automated email newsletters. In this episode, he explains how his company supports clients in achieving business success and talks about the business lessons learned from his company’s early days.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • The entrepreneur ideas and entrepreneur motivation Joe showed at a very young age.
  • How Joe’s company finds the best content in the world on any topic clients choose.
  • What it means to have short-term pessimism and long-term optimism.
  • How the AI becomes smarter, making the newsletters better.
  • The change in mentality that’s given an edge.

Show Notes:

When it seems everything out there is negative, what grabs your attention is the stuff that’s positive.

It’s a win-win to partner with people who already have a marketplace of your potential clients.

An entrepreneur doesn’t have to be the one with the idea.

If you focus only on customers that are a good fit for your company, they’ll refer you to other people.

ChatGPT has given people a taste of the exponential power behind machine learning and AI.

If you get your clients their desired outcomes, the outputs don’t really matter.

During tough times, you have to manage your expectations.

You know you always need to get better, even during good times.

Ads almost always get less than 50% conversion.

Anything in excess becomes its opposite.


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