Multiplier Mindset® with Dan Sullivan

Multiplier Mindset® with Dan Sullivan

How To Stop Working 9 To 5 And Find Business Success, with Amanda Cassar

July 05, 2023

Amanda Cassar never intended to be an entrepreneur. Growing up, she was told to “just do a 9 to 5.” Now, she’s a financial advisor with two businesses of her own. In this episode, Amanda shares how she discovered her entrepreneur motivation and found business success.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • How not being able to afford a drink was a turning point for Amanda.
  • Why putting herself last led to her burning out.
  • What led to Amanda buying out her former employer.
  • Amanda’s first lessons in business leadership.
  • One of the main reasons Amanda invests in The Strategic Coach® Program.

Show Notes:

Taking time off means you can be really on when you want to be.

It’s a big deal to say yes to opportunities instead of making up excuses.

Goal setting is important, but so is taking advantage of what’s currently available.

Realizing that there’s nothing legitimately holding you back can result in a mindset shift.

Entrepreneurs have to stop and take stock sometimes.

Be present with whoever you’re with at the time.

People are an entrepreneur’s secret sauce.

Sometimes, the people who got you to where you are now aren’t the people who will take you where you want to be next.

Asking your team what’s important to them is the first way you can give value back to them.

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.


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