The Mom Hour

The Mom Hour

Self-Improvement & Self-Acceptance In Motherhood: Episode 373

July 12, 2022

We get dueling messages from our culture: On the one hand, come as you are! Accept yourself fully, imperfections and all. On the other hand, you deserve better! Here’s what to do (and buy) to sleep better, eat better, look better, and feel better. It can be confusing to navigate a genuine desire to live your best life alongside the necessary self-acceptance it takes to feel like you’re doing enough today. Do we have this figured out? We do not, but today we’re here to talk about it. Meagan and Sarah share what self-improvement AND self-acceptance look like for them in the reams of wellness, career, mental health, and leisure – plus we reflect on what this balance has looked like at different seasons of motherhood. Join us!

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