The Mom Hour

The Mom Hour

Back-to-School, The Easy Way: The Mom Hour, Episode 17

August 25, 2015

Do the supply lists and back-to-school clothes shopping expectations overwhelm you? You’re not alone. In this episode, Meagan and Sarah share real-life tips and tricks for minimizing back-to-school stress and enjoying the process of returning to routine.
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Links we mentioned in Episode 17

* Amazon Prime
* Zulily
* Posts from The Happiest Home

* Meagan’s Lunch Box Challenge series from 2011 (the giveaway is obviously years out-of-date, but the featured products remain staples in Meagan’s kitchen)
* 11 Children’s Books About Starting School
* Meagan’s strategy for Organizing Off-Season Clothes & Hand-me-downs
* On Love, Laundry, and Finding Satisfaction in the Work of Nurturing
* That gorgeous bento box lunch is explained in this post (and no, Meagan didn’t make it)

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