The Mentors Radio Show

The Mentors Radio Show

319. Madelyn Mackie talks Jobs and Career Savvy: Get Unstuck, Take Action and Get Hired!

May 06, 2023

In this episode, The Mentors Radio host Tom Loarie talks with remarkable career advisor Madelyn Mackie about her own career journey of discovery and the power of doing what you love, even in a challenging job market. Madelyn continues to work with hundreds of individuals seeking a job and a career they love, as well as with VIP clients such as Twitter, Chevron, Novartis, the Oakland Raiders, Blue Shield of California and more.

You’ll often find her quoted in career-related magazines and she is a sought-after national speaker and resume writer. But she didn’t start out as a career advisor. Early on, she worked for years with Tony award-winning theaters, which has played an important role in her exceptional ability to communicate and engage people of all interests and backgrounds…

Madelyn is also one of the most selfless individuals you’ll ever meet, a person who knows that life rewards those who put others first. Known for communicating in a way that engages and uplifts others while delivering life-improving guidance. She is one of our most sought-after guests on the topic of careers and finding a job. As she puts it: ACTIVATE YOUR CAREER DREAMS!

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