The Mentors Radio Show

The Mentors Radio Show

Ethical Leadership: Dick Lyles, CEO of Origin Entertainment, talks with Host Ric Brutocao

April 02, 2022

In today’s episode, The Mentors Host Ric Brutocao talks with Dick Lyles, CEO of Origin Entertainment, about ethical leadership—what it means, how to live it and why it matters. Origin Entertainment is a broad based film and television production company committed to making a positive impact on the modern world through transformative entertainment. Our mission is to produce films that evoke the audience’s desire for the heroic, foster a generosity of spirit, and inspire them to make choices for the greater good. Origin’s movies continue to win multiple major awards in the U.S. and abroad.

Origin’s CEO, Dick Lyles, does not come from Hollywood. As a young man, Dick embarked on a leadership learning track while studying at the U.S. Naval Academy. After serving several tours of duty in Vietnam, his varied business ventures—all successful—included ongoing leadership training and development for other businesses, corporations and municipalities mostly in the United States, but including overseas. He authored and co-authored 13 books, including several best-sellers, with his first book, Winning Ways: Four Secrets for Getting Great Results by Working Well with People , quickly becoming a New York Times and international best-seller (and still popular today).

In today’s interview, Dick talks about a near-death experience that inspired he and his wife, Martha, to restructure their lives and business endeavors to focus on what matters most to them, namely, to do whatever they can to influence culture for the good, for the long haul. In the interview you’ll learn why and how producing Top entertainment for the big screen fulfills that mission… in a big way. The interview is fun, inspiring, riveting and worthy of imitation in our own life and business, as you’ll discover for yourself.

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