The Mentors Radio Show

The Mentors Radio Show

What You Don’t Know is Hurting You… And Your Career: In-depth interview with Award-winning Executive Career Coach Marion E. Brooks

March 12, 2022

Award-winning, nationally certified and internationally acclaimed executive coach Marion E. Brooks is a mentor par excellence for his clients, and for our listeners. He’s a man who focuses on what you want to achieve and helps you get there as fast as possible. His work over many years with C-suite business leaders, managers, corporate teams, nonprofits, individuals and entrepreneurs at all levels continues to earn high praise and gratitude from those with whom he’s worked.

2020 ONCON ICON Award winner Marion E. Brooks, Top 100 human resources professional award

100% of people with whom Marion has worked find increased personal satisfaction and performance, problems are solved, and discover consistent, sky-rocketing improvement in results in whatever they aim to achieve. You can’t get better than that!

To have this mentor, Marion E. Brooks, in your head for nearly 60 minutes is a treat well-worth bookmarking so you can hear it again… and again…and…again!

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