The Ladies of Strange

The Ladies of Strange

Episode 97: Board Your Windows

October 29, 2020

Hello, Lovelies! On Halloween Night in 2004, roommates Adriane Insogna, Leslie Mazzara and Lauren Meanza had all gone to bed after a successful night of handing out candy to trick or treaters. Lauren would be woken up by strange noises and, after hearing a blood curdling scream, would grab her dog and hide in the back yard. It would be here she would see the figure of a man slip out of the open kitchen window and escape. After finding the bodies of Leslie and Adriane barely, the cops were quickly called an an investigation was opened. It wasn't until a year later, after the release of a statement from the police, Eric Copple turned himself in. Join us this week as Ashley tell us this dark tale of true crime.



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