The Ladies of Strange

The Ladies of Strange

Bonus: The Ladies Get Swinging

July 02, 2020

Hello, Lovelies! This week (because the world's on fire and our schedules are chaos) we're releasing one of our $5 level bonus episodes for ya'll! If you're interested (or need a break from reality) you can follow this link to our Patreon:

For the first bit of the episode Rebecca gives the history of dowsing (which is closely tied to pendulums) and Tiffany gives a pendulum tutorial (see link below). While Rebecca and Ashley were kinda confused by pendulums and didn't have a whole lot to report, if you stick around to about minute 22, you'll get to experience the joy of Tiffany reading from the journal she kept during this month.

Here's a copy of the link Tiffany mentioned for tips and tricks for starting to use pendulums: