The Ladies of Strange

The Ladies of Strange

Bonus: Flies and Casket Hopping

April 30, 2020

Hello, Lovelies! (Apologies in advance for the potato audio quality... Rebecca fixed what she could and if you hop to 28 minute mark you'll miss the most of it) This week we are joined by Zach Auld of Cast Junkie and the creator of the Cast Junkie Discord Server (on which you can talk to not only your favorite ladies but tons of other amazing podcast creators!) Being our guest, Zach chose the subject of "Paranormal". Ashley tells the tale of Rowena from the Rotherwood Mansion in Tennessee; a tale full of unfortunate events, plenty of hauntings, and enough demonic activity that we get a Tiffany uncomfortable pretzel in record time. Tiffany, purposefully misunderstanding the assignment, tells us of the ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, a town that was abandoned after the coal mines that weaved their way under the town. Rebecca tells the short but sensational tale of a murder-suicide that started as a lovers quarrel in Waddel Hall of the apparently famous University of Georgia. (She's a Yellow Jacket ya'll, she's not a fan of the school down the road). Join us this week as we get to share the scares and listen to Tiffany attempt to sneak comfort chocolate while recording.


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