The Ladies of Strange

The Ladies of Strange

Episode 70: Two McCrushins To Go, Please

February 13, 2020

Hello, Lovelies! Happy Valentine's Day! What's this romantic holiday all about unless we cover a little bit of true crime?This week, Ashley's story has everything from bootlegging, to mobs, to murder. On February 14, 1929 in Chicago, 7 men were killed in what would later be known as the Valentine's Day Massacre. Today we talk about Al Capone, how he may or may not have been involved, and about the beginnings of forensic ballistics.

This week's drink break is brought to you by Infernal Souls and Eternal Arseholes! Make sure to check out this awesome show if audio dramas about ghostly gangsters is your thing. (But why wouldn't it be? It's hilarious)



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