The Ladies of Strange

The Ladies of Strange

Bonus: Haggis of the Sea

January 09, 2020

Hello, Lovelies! This week we have the incredible CK (host from the show Mirths and Monsters and Infernal Souls and Eternal Arseholes) joins the Ladies this week! And boy does he have stories for us. CK tells us all about Selkies and their origins in Ireland (and we rename fanny packs during that conversation). This somehow spirals into a prolonged discussion about Jason Mamoa? Yeah, we're not sure how we got there, canoes were involved somehow... Anyway. Once we finish up talking about Selkies, we move on to Fin People! Having a hometown of Inn Hallow, a town with a lighthouse, that also somehow is twinned with a real place? (CK is in charge this week) We quickly dive into the underwater patriarchy with that one. Join us this week as we giggle way too much and enjoy these tales from across the pond.

P.S. Sincerest apologies for the audio quality. Trust us, it bothers Rebecca like you wouldn't believe.



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