The Ladies of Strange

The Ladies of Strange

Episode 53: Retirement In Ochre

October 03, 2019

Hello, Lovelies! Have you thought about retirement? Ever heard of Willem de Kooning? Well, neither had we until Tiffany told us about today's story. In 1985, his painting, Woman In Ochre, mysteriously disappears after a couple is allowed to enter a museum early. (Spoiler, they did it). Shortly after, the guard discovered that the de Kooning was missing from its frame. In 2017, after the deaths of Jerry and Rita Alter, their nephew is going through the estate when a random painting is sold to a local antiques dealer. After more than one shopper pointed out the painting looked an awful like a de Kooning, the dealer decided to get this painting checked out. Join us this week as Tiffany tells us this exciting story while we talk the most about art we've ever talked about.

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