The Ladies of Strange

The Ladies of Strange

Episode 52: Zodiac's Back All Night

September 26, 2019

Hello, Lovelies! Ever wonder what your star sign means? Are there really two sides to a Gemini? Why do Scorpios get such a bad rap? Do Leos have an incessant need for constant attention? (Answer: Yes. Example: Tiffany) Join us this week as Ashley deep dives (with a special guest!) into what these star signs mean, not only for you, but for various stages of life and what physical characteristics they're expected to have.

This week's drink break is brought to you by The Haunted Ride Podcast! The Haunted Ride is a podcast to help you embrace all of the paranormal and spiritual things that may happen throughout this journey we call life. The host shares her experiences with ghosts, demons, angels, hauntings, possessions, attachments, aliens, and cryptids, as well as what it's like to be a psychic, medium, empath, and intuitive, how to listen to messages from the universe. Make sure to check out this week's blog post to learn more about this podcast:



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