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Ep 26: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
May 23, 2022

Hey love! Welcome back to another episode. In todays episode I discuss what imposter syndrome is and how and what I am doing to overcome it! 

Ep 25: Success Not Happening Quick Enough: Keep On Going
May 16, 2022

Hey loves! Are you working hard giving it all you got and still are not seeing the results you desire. Today I am here to encourage you to keep on going! DON'T STOP Keep Pushing!Let's ConnectInstagramYoutube

Ep 24: When Is The Right Time To Start?
May 09, 2022

Have you been wondering when was the right time to start your new business, podcast, YouTube channel, vlog, or non profit? Is so this podcast is just for you!Connect:InstagramYoutube

Ep 23: Time To Celebrate YOU
May 02, 2022

Do you find you find yourself accomplishing all your goals and just moving right along to the next one? In todays episode we discuss how and why we SHOULD celebrate ourselves.Connect With Me:InstagramYoutube

Ep 22: Time To Control Our Thoughts
April 25, 2022

Do you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about YOURSELF throughout the day, do you find yourself randomly comparing yourself,  are you regretting something you did in the past? What if I thought you that you are not the only one? In todays pod

Ep 21: Are You Emotionally Ok
April 18, 2022

Are you the one everyone goes to when they are having a bad day, do you see someone not being themselves so you go check on them, do you feel like you are emotionally drained and don't know why or what to do? In todays podcast we discuss all these topics

Ep 20: Time To Unplug
April 11, 2022

Do you find yourself picking up your phone and immediately going to social media without even thinking about it? What about getting on social media for one thing and then spending HOURS on there? How about getting on social media and getting off feeling l

Ep 19: Realizing The Cost
April 04, 2022

Hey love!I'm BACK! Have you ever found yourself starting a business, hobby, YouTube channel, or even a podcast and you can not remain consistent. Have you started, but find yourself stopping when things don't go as plan or you don't have time? If you hav

Episode 18: Self Care Importance
December 09, 2019

Have you head the saying," You can sleep when you die?" or ,"You must grind all day and night to be successful?" Today let's talk about how self care can make you better and why you should schedule self care for yourself! Need Some Interview Skills? Check

Episode 17: No Excuses Just Results
December 02, 2019

Today we are going to talk about ending 2019 on top and accomplishing your goals. This way we can start 2020 already winning and on a solid foundation! We are going to commit to get things done! NO EXCUSES JUST RESULTS. Need Some Interview Skills? Check O