The Jazz Session

The Jazz Session

The Jazz Session #569: Kate McGarry & Keith Ganz

October 06, 2021

Kate McGarry and Keith Ganz are partners both in life and music. The musical result of such a kinship is incredibly rich and rare and spans many albums. Their latest record, “What To Wear In The Dark”, was ten years in the making and delicately chronicles world events from the past several years, including the US presidential election to the Sandy Hook tragedy and more. During a stretch of life which included “loss of health, home, and tribe” as Kate put it, the couple discovered a guiding light in the music of their youth. Thus this offering balances out the two sides of the coin of life, which is all at once immensely challenging and at times heartbreaking yet joyous and, ultimately, hopeful. I chatted to Kate and Keith about the process of making this album, a literal labour of love, with minimal barking interjections from their dog, Juno.

Show Notes:
Tracks played:
– Both Sides Now

– Here Comes The Sun

– God Moves On The City

– Barrytown

– On The Road To Find Out

– Dancing In The Dark

What To Wear In The Dark was released on Resilience Music Alliance on 3 September 2021 

Theme music by The Respect Sextet

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