The Jane-Way - A Star Trek Voyager podcast

The Jane-Way - A Star Trek Voyager podcast

Latest Episodes

21. USS Big Booty Ship
June 03, 2021

The 37s. Let Season 2 commence! Join Liam and Suzanne as they go through this incredibly convenient episode, where Janeway fangirls over A PERIOD E A R H A R T. Is this a Jane-Way? We also touch on anal probing, manure, and Dolly!

20. Get Straight to the Meat
May 20, 2021

Season 1 Review. We learn that consent is always required, and courtesy lube is a must when there is science to be done! Did we end up with a Right Way, Wrong Way, or Jane-Way?

19. Bio-Neural Lube
April 15, 2021

Learning Curve. NSFW. Liam is tipsy from gin in this Season 1 finale episode where he and Suzanne talk about Janeway’s decisions in Learning Curve. Do we get a Jane-Way? We also talk about greek yoghurt, hazing, some pornstar, and The Crown.

18. He Blinded Her With Science
April 01, 2021

How do sticky pool tables, House Harkonnen, and the Love Boat tie into the episode 'Jetrel'? Which decision was the most Janeway of Jane-Ways? Liam and Suzanne are joined by Brandi Jackola to dive deep into this episode. Science boners for all!

17. What if it Comes Off?
March 18, 2021

"Faces." Join Liam and Suzanne as they look at Janeway's decisions in this B'Elanna centric episode. We also talk about a little known unfortunate side effect of the Phage, a little bit about Prodigy, and also… tax? Did we get a Jane-Way this time?

16. It’s Yogurt!
March 04, 2021

Put on your best Victorian outfit, grab a bowl of garlic soup, some sweet tea and join Liam and Suzanne as they analyze our dear Captain's decisions in 'Cathexis.' Beware, they are giving out half points again!

15. Farewell Schnitzel
February 18, 2021

Heroes and Demons! Liam, Suzanne, and Kennedy from Women at Warp go through this stupid episode (and Liam gets to say that as he's writing the notes!) but we spice it up as we talk about Janeway twerking, schnitzels, and Wonder Woman. Was this a Jane-Way?

14. Drippy Wet Mood Caves
February 04, 2021

In this surprisingly musical episode, Liam and Suzanne take on “State of Flux” where we find Seska is working with the Kazon! We also find out that Suzanne likes spoons & Liam gets a small lesson on 90s underwear. Were things done the Jane-Way this time?

13. Orgasm Wind
January 21, 2021

Somehow Liam and Suzanne talking about 'Prime Factors' careens into personal grooming, Bluey, garlic bread with whipped cream, and synonyms.

12. 2-Ply Shroud: More Absorbent!
January 07, 2021

Liam and Suzanne are joined by Bruce Gibson of POSITIVELY TREK to go through the Harry Kim centric episode, "Emanations." Somehow Guinan’s hats show up, as well as Mark Twain and Grand Nagus Zek impressions?