The Jane-Way - A Star Trek Voyager podcast

The Jane-Way - A Star Trek Voyager podcast

Latest Episodes

27. A Jovial Blow
August 26, 2021

Parturition. Suzanne and Liam got the vapours during this episode as they started shipping Neelix and picked on Harry Kim’s inability to blow Tom’s clarinet. Grab your nearest bottle of glandular secr

26. Sock Puppet Kink
August 12, 2021

Twisted. Taking a stroll, on the move, going for walkies, no matter how you say it there's a lot of wandering around. Liam and Suzanne explore the pheno-Mahna-Mahna, argue about fondant, and speculate

25. Space Grindr
July 29, 2021

"Non-Sequitur" What better way to celebrate a boring episode, than with a guest! Liam and Suzanne are joined by Starfleet Boy (Sohail), as they talk about homosexual Pon Farr, the God that is Danny By

24. Chakotay Writes Fanfic
July 15, 2021

Elogium. Grab hold of a hopper stopper and join Liam and Suzanne as they learn about Ocampan puberty, space sperm, and the secret of the Voyager's sexiness. It's those pivoting nacelles.

23. Do Holograms Poop?
July 01, 2021

Projections. What is real and what isn't real? Liam and Suzanne get very confused in this episode about their own show's premise! They also talk about Josh Holloway, BBC News, Neelix Grunting, and a l

22. Grabbin’ the Stone and Gettin’ High
June 17, 2021

Initiations. Liam and Suzanne venture behind the doors of Voyager's public bathroom just off of the Mess Hall and discover Voyager's take on playing Marco Polo. Grab some jalfrezi or baklava, and prepare yourself for a creepy Kazon kiss.

21. USS Big Booty Ship
June 03, 2021

The 37s. Let Season 2 commence! Join Liam and Suzanne as they go through this incredibly convenient episode, where Janeway fangirls over A PERIOD E A R H A R T. Is this a Jane-Way? We also touch on anal probing, manure, and Dolly!

20. Get Straight to the Meat
May 20, 2021

Season 1 Review. We learn that consent is always required, and courtesy lube is a must when there is science to be done! Did we end up with a Right Way, Wrong Way, or Jane-Way?

19. Bio-Neural Lube
April 15, 2021

Learning Curve. NSFW. Liam is tipsy from gin in this Season 1 finale episode where he and Suzanne talk about Janeway’s decisions in Learning Curve. Do we get a Jane-Way? We also talk about greek yoghurt, hazing, some pornstar, and The Crown.

18. He Blinded Her With Science
April 01, 2021

How do sticky pool tables, House Harkonnen, and the Love Boat tie into the episode 'Jetrel'? Which decision was the most Janeway of Jane-Ways? Liam and Suzanne are joined by Brandi Jackola to dive deep into this episode. Science boners for all!