The GoProposal Audio Experience

The GoProposal Audio Experience

ARE MY PRICES TOO HIGH? Consider All 10 Aspects of the Overall Equation

June 26, 2019

So, you've just increased your prices, you've now had a few client meetings, and perhaps they've not gone as well as you'd hoped. The client's not jumping for joy, they're saying you're too expensive, or you're charging more than my previous accountant or they didn't expect to be paying that much and perhaps you've not had them signing your proposals instantly or even at all.

And so when that starts to happen what the logical thing to do is, to think well, I've increased my prices, now people aren't accepting the price, therefore I've got my price wrong, so let's bring the price back down.
The problem is that perhaps your price is now where it needs to be, but it's other aspects of the equation that's causing that client not to sign up. So, it's unfair just to consider price, when you need to consider the full equation at work here.
So, what I'm going to do is take you through each aspect of the equation. I'm going to give you some questions to challenge each of those aspects to make sure that they're as robust as they should be. And I'm also going to give you some pointers to improve it, so we can start to take price out as the key culprit.

Key Aspects of the Equation

#1 Source
So the first factor we need to consider is source.

* Where are you getting these leads from?
* How good are these leads that you're actually getting?
* Are they coming from a Google search?
* Are they being referred to you by other people?
* Are they being referred to you by existing clients (who are also paying low fees)?
* How good is your overall marketing?

ACTION POINT:  Check out the Profitable Firm. They've got loads of fantastic resources you can go and get from their website that'll really help you to see how good your marketing is and how it can be quickly improved.

#2 Priming
The next thing is something that we call the priming phase. You need to prime your clients to your way of thinking, you need to educate them and invest in that client relationship first.

* Have they downloaded an ebook from your website?
* Have they read your articles
* Have they watched your videos?
* Have they attended your events?

#3 Discovery Call
The next step is the discovery call. A discovery call is a 15 minute phone call, where we get to understand a little bit more about that client and to make sure that we're a good fit for them.

* Do you have a Discovery Call?
* Have you got a minimum monthly fee?
* Have you read "Selling to Serve"?

ACTION POINT:  If you're interesting in knowing more about the priming phase or the discovery call phase, go and check out my book, "Selling to Serve" and map out our entire priming and discovery call phase including scripts in that book, go and grab that and I'll be able to help you with those.

#4 Experience
The next part is the experience.

* Where are you meeting your prospects?
* Are you in control of the experience they have?
* Is that experience world class?
* Are you sending them confirmation of the meeting via text,