The GoProposal Podcast

The GoProposal Podcast

The 7 Mistakes Accountancy Firms Make When Systemising

April 03, 2017

These mistakes are…

* They systemise like a firefighter
* They don’t use automation
* They have too many cracks in the systems
* The process was broken in the first place (this is the killer)
* You were never told the true goal
* They take on the wrong technology
* Your staff were never brought along the journey

In this video I elaborate on each of these points, explain the problems they cause and also show you how to go about fixing them.
Please Note… The upcoming webinar to which this refers is currently being arranged. It will be during w/c 24th April, which is while I’m in Phoenix and talking at Infusionsoft’ ICON event. So we’re just waiting for them to confirm when I’m speaking so I can get this booked in. Make sure you’re subscribed to my mailing