The Isles Faithful Podcast

The Isles Faithful Podcast

We Are All Angry!

January 27, 2021

There comes a time in every fans sports life where things just don’t go well. Your team loses, players get hurt or take stupid penalties. It just happens. Or like me, you wake up angry and you wind up accidentally breaking two different laces on your boots…..

It’s not every day the teams coach comes out after the game and informs the media that he too, is PISSED OFF. But here we are, and in Episode 50 – we have a little fun with the attitude.

In two and a half years doing this podcast I have done a few interesting things – but I have never included audio from the game or even highlights. Up until recently, my computer couldn’t handle it and I didn’t even have the software to accomplish this. Having a new computer (love the Mac mini M1 by the way!) – this is now possible.

I share a little audio from the game to set the tone of the episode, have some quotes from Trotz and have a little fun yelling.

If you like how it turned out, let me know either in the comments or on Twitter and I will continue to do it. It added some extra time but I think it was well worth the trade off.

I also plan on keeping episodes around the 30 minute mark here with all the games happening each week – so look for AT LEAST TWO episodes a week from now on.

Thanks for sticking by me up til this point, I know I haven’t updated near the amount I should and I want to change that moving forward.

Give it a listen, hit me up on Twitter and let me know what we should talk about next episode!

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