The Isles Faithful Podcast

The Isles Faithful Podcast

Make it Six, With Jeff Capellini

September 02, 2020

Elimination games are hard, which we know the Islanders have had to have a few "do overs" since the opening play in versus Florida.

The Islanders could've swept Florida, they didn't - they needed an extra game and finished the series in four.

The Islanders could've swept Washington, they didn't - they needed an extra game and finished the series in five.

Now, while the Islanders could NOT have swept the Philadelphia Flyers, they could have eliminated them Tuesday night in FIVE games - but they may as well make it six. Or at least that's what the fanbase is hoping for right now.

In this episode, the 46th - my old friend from CBS NY, Jeff Capellini joins me again to give his take and analysis on how things have been going for the team. Like always, we run a little long - but as I listened back and edited out a ton - it's really good conversation that covers so many topics and thoughts. Give it a listen.

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I know I am still all out of sorts with the crazy come from behind story of the game on Tuesday night. It was the second time the team has managed to storm back from down a few goals late in games to force overtime - it was great to see and really exciting. Here is to hoping that things are wrapped up and the Islanders can move onto the Eastern Conference Finals. It would be their first birth into the finals since Dale Hunter killed Pierre Turgeon in 1993.

Yes, 1993.

That was 27 years ago, and I was 13 when it happened.

Buckle up boys and girls - it's going to be a wild ride.

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