The Isles Faithful Podcast

The Isles Faithful Podcast

No Caps, All Isles

August 16, 2020

This, is super - super, strange.

No, not the fact that we haven't spoken since before the world changing pandemic. Not even because it's been 173 days since the last podcast episode. Perhaps, it's a bit in part because we're discussing hockey yes, but only because the league shutdown for a few months and we are now discussing playoff hockey, IN AUGUST.

Regardless, this is life right now - and we're going to make the most of it.

I know for me, much like ALL OF YOU - I've become accustom to things being a little strange (well, okay a lot strange). Wearing masks, very little human interaction outside of family life, homeschooling the kids and worrying about everything, really.

But - hockey is back. It's in a bubble, it's in arenas with no fans - but it's back. It's actually a really beautiful thing too.

In Episode 45 I ramble on and on, no that's a joke.

In this episode I talk a little about life, hockey and what I feel the NHL is doing so great during this playoff season. I talk about missing this, missing you guys - how awesome this is and of course how awesome the Islanders are playing. I mean, this IS The Isles Faithful after all.

The New York Islanders are leading the Washington Capitals 3 games to none in the first round of The Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!

I mean I won't bore you anymore with episode notes. Go forth my loyal listers and enjoy the podcast!

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