The Isles Faithful Podcast

The Isles Faithful Podcast

It’s Break Time, For Some Of Us

January 26, 2020

Episode 42!

Man, I hate doing that to you guys - it's been far too long between episodes.

We're back though, with a running start out of the gate for the first time in 2020.

In this episode, I talk about a lot that's transpired since Episode 41, the games since, some of the struggles and even some of the good things the team has accomplished.

I go into detail on some of the stats over a period of games and how, for a while - the two leading scorers on the Islanders had only 5 points each since Christmas (Barzal and Nelson).

We talk about special teams, take some questions on the trade deadline and speculate on what we may see as things approach the February trade deadline.

IT FELT GREAT to talk to you guys again - I have some plans moving forward for the next few weeks and hope to stick to the schedule you've come to expect here from The Isles Faithful Podcast.

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Hope you enjoy it!