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The Higherside Chats

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Dr. Angela J. Hattery & Dr. Earl Smith | Policing Black Bodies, Prison Inc., & The Poverty Trap
August 07, 2020

Dr. Angela Hattery & Dr. Earl Smith are award -winning professors and sociologists with over 30 years experience, and 13 books published. Together they have been researching and teaching about social inequalities for quite some time,

Joshua Cutchin & Timothy Renner | Bigfoot, High Strangeness, & Odd Folklore
August 06, 2020

Our returning pal, Joshua Cutchin brings along the co-author of his latest project, Timothy Renner of the Strange Familiars Podcast, to dive deep into said project: Where The Footprints End - High Strangeness & the Bigfoot Phenomenon Vol 1. Folklore.

Bruce Fenton | Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans, Ancient Aliens, & The Mothership
July 25, 2020

Bruce R. Fenton is a British multidisciplinary scientific researcher and media personality. Born in the historic English town of Cheltenham, England, he studied Information Systems at Anglia Ruskin University before working in global finance and real e...

Phoenix Aurelius | Spagyrics, Practical Alchemy, & Broken Beer
July 15, 2020

Today's guest, Phoenix Aurelius, is a self-taught Spagyrist who has been practicing and teaching the Alchemical Arts & Sciences since 2005. One of his highest stated goals is reconstructing Spagyric Theory, Philosophy, Practice,

Angela J. Davis | Policing The Black Man, Arbitrary Justice, & A Broken System
July 09, 2020

Angela J. Davis, professor of law at AU's Washington College of Law, is an expert in criminal law and procedure with a specific focus on prosecutorial power and racism in the criminal justice system. Davis previously served as director of the D.C.

Kerry Rhodes & Farzin Toussi | The Medicine: Ayahuasca, Spirit Contact, & Shamanic Healing
July 08, 2020

Today we're talking about a new documentary called The Medicine, which chronicles the entire journey of a true Amazonian ayahuasca retreat, with a level of detail I've yet to see anywhere else. The film follows former NFL safety, Kerry Rhodes,

James Corbett | The Truth About Bill Gates, Police, & The New Abnormal
July 01, 2020

The great James Corbett of returns to THC to talk about his latest work and the latest goings on in this wacky world. - Watch his film, Who Is Bill Gates?

Ras Ben | Yellow Fever: America’s First Plandemic & The Cycles Of Time
June 26, 2020

Some combination of intuition and ancestral advising led Ras Ben to investigate the Yellow Fever Pandemic that hit Philadelphia in 1793, and how closely it rhymes with the times today. What he found was a microcosm of corruption and conspiracy that had...

Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall | Systemic Injustice, Targeted Harassment, & Expatriation
June 19, 2020

Dr. Bramhall tells her tale in The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee which describes how FBI harassment led a 54 year old psychiatrist, single mother activist, to close her 25 year Seattle practice to begin a new life in New Zealand...

Gary Lachman | Holy Russia, Rudolf Steiner, & Cultural Spirits
June 10, 2020

Gary Lachman is the author of twenty-one books on topics ranging from the evolution of consciousness to literary suicides, popular culture and the history of the occult. He has written a rock and roll memoir of the 1970s,