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The Healing Place Podcast

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Special Edition – Skye Claire (pen name) – The Best Bedtime Stories for Stressed-Out Adults
October 29, 2023

SPECIAL EDITION EPISODE! I was so very happy to sit down with Angie Vish (pen name Skye Claire), Chartered Professional Accountant and author. Please join us as we discuss: the inspiration behind her

Geralyn Ritter – A Conversation on Recovering “Bone by Bone: A Memoir of Trauma and Healing”
October 27, 2023

Oh, how my heart (and face) smiled throughout this empowering and enlightening conversation with Geralyn Ritter, executive, author, advocate, speaker, wife and mother. Please join us as we discuss: th

Rosie McMahan – The Transformative Power of Reconciliation
October 20, 2023

It was a pleasure to engage in a soulful discussion with Rosie McMahan, counselor/educator, trauma survivor, healing advocate, and author. Please join us as we discuss: the inspiration behind her memo

Tamara McClintock Greenberg – Understanding Complex PTSD
October 13, 2023

Such an enlightening joy to converse with Tamara McClintock Greenberg, PsyD, M.S., psychologist, author, speaker. Please join us as we discuss: Tamaras work as a trauma recovery therapist her insight

Becca Ferguson – What Does it Mean to be a Real Life Human Being as a Therapist?
October 06, 2023

I appreciated this authentic real-life conversation with Becca Ferguson, LPC, real life human being, therapist, and course creator. Please join us as we discuss: Beccas personal story of growing up i

Madeline Popelka – A Trauma Survivor’s Insights on How You’re Going to Be Okay
September 29, 2023

I was blessed to have engaged in a beautiful conversation with Madeline Popelka, writer, trauma survivor, and mental health, and LGBTQ+ advocate. Please join us as we discuss: Madelines personal stor

Suzanne Anderson – You Make Your Path by Walking: Traveling Your Unique Path Through Trauma and Loss
September 22, 2023

I feel grateful to have had the chance to sit down with Suzanne Anderson, psychologist, author, and coach at Mysterial Woman (a term she coined). Please join us as we discuss: Suzannes personal story

Tina Davidson – A Discussion on: Let Your Heart Be Broken – Life and Music from a Classical Composer
September 15, 2023

This was a beautifully enchanting conversation with classical composer and author, Tina Davidson. Please join us as we discuss: stories on Tinas creative processes her empowering piece Blue Curve of

Diane Petrella – Healing Emotional Eating for Trauma Survivors
September 08, 2023

A big THANK YOU to Diane Petrella, MSW, holistic licensed psychotherapist and author, for joining me again on the show to share her brilliant healing insights. Please join us as we discuss: Dianes em

Justin Frandson – Leading Expert in Athletic Performance Helps Us Understand the Health Impacts of Electromagnetic Fields
September 01, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the brilliant insights shared by todays guest, Justin Frandson, Performance Coach, Expert in EMF, author, and founder of and Please jo