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Staying Small, Shining Bright: Marketing For Maximum Impact
February 27, 2019

IN THIS EPISODE I COVER: Why I believe in staying small Shining bright like a lighthouse Impact The three C’s you need LINKS + RESOURCES I MENTION: Seth Godin, First Ten Marie Forleo, B School Episode 3 of The Happy Creative podcast: Creating Better,

Nuggets of Advice If You Want To Quit Your Job And Build A Business You Love
February 21, 2019

IN THIS EPISODE I COVER: 9 nuggets of advice if you’re thinking of leaving your 9-5 and building a creative business Why you are already enough That Seth Godin believes the time is now! Visioning out the best and worst case scenarios The formula you ne...

Are Gremlins Stealing Your Potential?
February 13, 2019

For when you're not aligned with your business and need a plan to move it forward

Big Pants, Being You + The Power Of Community: Putting Yourself Out There
January 31, 2019

IN THIS EPISODE I COVER: Why we need to be visible online How everybody has to start somewhere Getting rid of fear Why being you is the most important thing Embracing community Putting big girl pants on and being brave!

If You Have A Big Business Dream But Don't Know Where To Start
January 24, 2019

In this episode of the podcast I’m sharing my ideas on turning a big creative business dream into reality. I’m focusing on the point when you have already decided what your future is but you need a bit of help in taking the leap and bridging the gap be...

Uncovering Your Story To Connect With Dream Clients + Make An Impact
January 14, 2019

In the second Episode of The Happy Creative podcast I’m sharing all things storytelling. I know what a powerful and high-impact being clear on your business story has on creative businesses working on a limited marketing budget.

Bringing Joy Back Into Our Businesses This January
January 14, 2019

The Happy Creative Episode 1, Bringing Joy Back Into Our Businesses This January.