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Episode 9 – Divorcing a Narcissist with Tina Swithin
November 21, 2022

This week we sit down with Tina Swithin, Author of Divorcing a Narcissist, One Moms Battle, and Founder of Family Court Awareness Month which takes place in November. Tina shares her story about how

Episode 8 – How to be an Entrepreneur First, Artist Second with Ashley Siegert
November 07, 2022

In this weeks episode we sit down with Ashley Siegert, a lifetime manic entrepreneur who began her portrait studio, Fig-Mint Photography in 2011. She talks to us about how her approach of being an en

Episode 7 – How Nutrition Can Transform Your Health with Sheila Vuckovic
October 24, 2022

In this weeks episode we sit down with Sheila Vuckovic. After her oldest son was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sheila began researching nutrition and its effect on disease processes. S

Episode 6 – How Your Purpose Can Bloom and Grow Over Time with Amy McGee
October 10, 2022

In this weeks episode, we interview Amy McGee, Founder and Creative Director of Botanical Brouhaha and Bloom Trust Co. Amy talks to us about her 20+ year career in the floral industry and how it evol

Episode 5 – The Importance of Non-Toxic Household Items with Christina Driskell, Owner of Driskell Farms
September 26, 2022

Christina Driskell is the owner of Driskell Farms. After the birth of her first son in 2016, Christina started making a lot of lifestyle changes in order to have products with clean ingredients for he

Episode 4 – Navigating Grief with Movement featuring Nyri Agajanian
September 11, 2022

In this weeks episode we interview Nyri Agajanian about how movement helped her move through e grief of losing her father. She talks about how her pain turned into her purpose to become a NASM certif

Episode 3 – Functional Medicine and Being Your Own Health Advocate with Dr. Leigh Anne Rushing
August 28, 2022

In this weeks episode we interview Dr. Leigh Anne Rushing, a former pill-pushing pharmacist turned womens functional health coach. She talks about Functional Medicine, how we can heal ourselves thro

Episode 2 – Abigail’s Story
August 14, 2022

Hey Yall. Welcome to The Gutsy Truth. In this episode, Abigail Noel, co-host of the The Gutsy Truth Podcast, shares her story of postpartum. She talks about how for so long she wasnt able to pinpoin

Episode 1 – Katelyn’s Story
July 31, 2022

Hi Friends! Welcome to The Gutsy Truth Season 1. In this episode, Katelyn Brown, co-host of the The Gutsy Truth Podcast, shares her story of infertility. She talks about how she was diagnosed with PCO

Welcome to the Gutsy Truth
July 17, 2022

Hey its Katelyn & Abigail! Here at the Gutsy Truth we are passionate about helping women break down the barriers of whats considered normal in health, wellness, relationships, and work. Follow alon