Make Bank with Marie Wold

Make Bank with Marie Wold

How To Actually Become a #BossBabe with Natalie Ellis of Boss Babe Inc.

November 20, 2019

Today, we’re calling on alllll the unapologetically, ambitious WOMEN-- and if you’re tuning in to this episode, I’m pretty sure that means YOU! Whether you are an entrepreneur, corporate badass, mom, student, or still figuring out WHAT your path looks like, I know that this episode will speak to you because we are talking all about getting clarity, setting goals, and not settling for the status quo when we know that we are created for more. Guys, I am thrilled to have on the original #BossBabe, Natalie Ellis!

This week’s guest truly leaves a trail of inspiration wherever she goes. Founder + CEO of Boss Babe Inc., Natalie’s online community champions collaboration over competition, creates connection, and helps women move forward in their businesses. Natalie has a passion for helping women get out of feeling ‘stuck’ and move their dreams into their everyday life. She is a strategic serial entrepreneur, who churns out more inspiration and tactical advice than, well, basically ANYONE. Get ready to dive into being an ambitious woman in business, relationships, creativity, strategy, and self care, while crushing your goals. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just looking for encouragement to make your own big dreams a reality, I know you’re going to LOVE this episode!



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