The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast with Marie Wold

The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast with Marie Wold

Episode 059: Mindset Advice from a Millionaire: How To Beat Limiting Beliefs + Be Shameless with Cayla Craft

August 06, 2019

You’re listening to episode 59 of The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast, and guys.. after a week off we are back with a bang-- today I’m interviewing Cayla Craft, who is a Mom of three, self-made Multi Millionaire, and lifestyle entrepreneur and we get to have a VIP look at how she literally does it all. This episode was such a fun one-- both to plan, and record for you guys, and I know you’re going to feel like you’re riding a wave of ambition after listening to my convo with your new household/business/LIFE role model.

Cayla went from saving lives as an ER nurse working from 9-5, to helping women pursue a passion for owning their own business-- she’s been featured on Fox, ABC, Hallmark, CBS and The List…. JUST to name a few! She has inspired thousands of women to believe in themselves as entrepreneurs + business women, while shamelessly pursuing their ambitions + growing their business to 7 figures.

Cayla created Mommy Millionaire to fill a void of community, driven by women who uplift, encourage and rally each other’s success. I know, you love her already! So today, Cayla will be pouring out practical tips and mindset habits that are current and relevant to what is working today, and I know that my listeners are all ambitious women who refuse to settle, so I know you’re going to love our conversation on pursuing seemingly crazy goals, having unshakable self-belief, using affirmations to sky rocket your success, striking your own version of work-life balance, and so much more. This is going to be a good one!