Make Bank with Marie Wold

Make Bank with Marie Wold

Unleash Your Inner Queen + Embrace Your Feminine Power with Libby Crow

June 04, 2019

Prepare to have your heart break OPEN, and your soul set on FIRE today; the incredible Libby Crow is here to talk about being a queen, and fully owning and embodying our feminine energy. I first started following her for her mic-drop worthy captions, then I learned that she’s a global mentor for entrepreneurs-- Libby founded LC International, a marketing strategy company for digital consultants, and Co-Founded The Daily Shift, a personal development company for aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs alike. Her jam is helping entrepreneurs see their business journeys as a bridge to raising the vibration of the planet, and then later as a portal for giving back philanthropically.

Libby is THAT GIRL that I think everyone dreams of having in their corner. She's teaching her clients to kick a$$ in their businesses by stepping into what they have always dreamed of doing while BEING who they’ve always dreamed of being. You’ll finish this episode feeling insanely inspired to approach each decision you make with new eyes, ears, tools, and tricks to rework your own patterns and live a life with more intention.

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