The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast with Marie Wold

The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast with Marie Wold

Episode 050: 73 Questions with Marie Wold - The Meaning of Success, Tattoos, Advice to My 16 Year-Old Self, and My Nerdy Side

June 04, 2019

I always knew that when I started this show, I would be in it for the long-haul, but of course we still have to celebrate this milestone! So this week we have a special episode that’s a super fun spin on a Q&A AND our special guest who is asking the questions is the show manager, KELSEY! Kelsey is my right hand woman when it comes to making this thing a success, and I can’t wait for you to meet her-- she’s literally a ray of sunshine and I love her so much.

So the format for this episode is ‘73 Questions’ and 73 answers, from yours truly! Which is inspired by the Vogue Magazine ‘73 Questions’ series-- which, I’m SORRY if I get you hooked on watching after this! But here’s the gist: 73 rapid-fire questions that can be asked and answered in under 10 minutes (if you’re Vogue, 50 if you’re us!) and, it’s only done in one take!

I would LOVE to celebrate this milestone by giving you ALL a goodie bag and a hug if I could, but what I CAN do is hook two of our listeners up with a nice little trio of presents: a $50 gift card to TULA, a PEScience product of your choice, and a $20 Starbucks gift card, which unfortunately Starbucks is NOT a sponsor of this show… but I’m including it because who doesn’t love coffee, am I right?!

All you have to do to be entered into the giveaway is:
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Entering will take you 2, MAYBE 3 minutes and we’re choosing 2 winners, so your odds aren’t looking too shabby (:
We’ll contact our winners directly via Instagram DM in just 1 week, so get that entry in ASAP!

And while I don’t have a Starbucks discount code, you guys know that you can always save $$ on TULA skincare and PEScience supplements with code “MARIE”, right?? Okay great, just checking.
BUT WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, let’s answers some questions!!!