Make Bank with Marie Wold

Make Bank with Marie Wold

The Truth About Therapy with MY Personal Therapist, Elyse Snipes

May 07, 2019

This is e a very special episode; We are sitting down with MY personal therapist Elyse Snipes, who is genuinely one of the most caring, brilliant, & encouraging women that I know! Elyse is a California based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, life coach, podcaster and educator who is taking therapy OFF the couch and out in to the world (in her adorable VINTAGE trailer!). You may have heard of her Podcast, Trailercast, which is changing the narrative and expectations of what people THINK they know about the world of mental health.

We really went deep about:
- WHAT therapy is really like
- Common struggles and solutions for millennial women
- How to navigate anxiety and overwhelm, and how to take better care of yourself from the inside out

Plus something I never thought I would share on the podcast-- some real-talk about the stuff that we’ve been working through in MY personal therapy sessions!



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