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10 Things You Should Know When Estate Planning (Ep.49)
May 11, 2022

There will eventually come a time when you pass away but that doesn’t mean you should wait until then to start building a comprehensive estate plan. - In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith disc

New Investing Lingo being Used by Younger Folk (Ep.48)
April 27, 2022

Language is a beautiful thing as it can seamlessly morph and adapt to changing times, but sometimes as older folks, it can be a little tough to understand the lingo of the younger crowd. - In this epi

College Planning Using a 529 Plan With Ryan White, CIMA® (Ep.47)
April 13, 2022

Most people can agree that they’re concerned about college education planning and ultimately paying for the cost of college. - A 529 plan is a great tool in helping you reach your education savings go

Creating the Pre-Retirement Checklist (Ep.46)
March 09, 2022

It might feel good to just up and retire from your job without any plan. But that may not be the smartest choice. - In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk about the ‘pre-retirement checklis

Starting Your Career in Financial Services with Melanie Knight (Ep.45)
February 23, 2022

Everybody has their own personal experiences which helped them kick start their career in the financial industry. - In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk with Melanie Knight, director of o

Critical Financial Discussions To Have With Your Aging Parents & Kids (Ep.44)
February 09, 2022

Having conversations about family wills can be tough. How do you start that conversation from one family to another? - In this episode, Jeff and Lauren share some advice surrounding the later stages o

Money Conversations Every Couple Should Be Having (Ep.43)
January 26, 2022

Spouses can oftentimes be surprised by the changing dynamic of their marriage in retirement. - In this episode, Jeff Green talks with Dr. John Vincent a psychologist and a marriage and family therapis

42. Healthy Financial Habits To Start This Year
January 12, 2022

What does it take to make the new year different? How do you hold yourself accountable for the changes you want to make? - In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith reflect on their past year at Gr

41. The Financial Concerns of the Pandemic
December 29, 2021

There is no doubt that the pandemic made an impact on everyone’s lives in some way, shape, or form. This becomes increasingly clear when you look at the state of the market, inflation rates and nation

40. The Green Team Holiday Traditions
December 15, 2021

Holiday traditions are very important to keep us close with our loved ones and to create memories that will last a lifetime.  - In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith speak with some of the team