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Greatest Show on Dirt

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I almost cut my finger off, Albert Belle player profile, MLB combine ’86
January 04, 2022

Quentin almost cuts his finger off in Target trying to open a baby doll for his kid, then talks about some cool Albert Belle stuff, then talks about if there was an MLB combine in 1986. Thanks for lis

Trick-or-treating with my kid, Dave Parker & Ray Fosse stories, and today’s gritty players
November 10, 2021

Thanks for tuning in! On this episode, Quentin talks about trick-or-treating with his daughter, how us old folks are lucky to be alive after having been raised in the '80s, as well as player stories o

Listener Guest Series: Andrew Allred joins the show!
October 03, 2021

Thanks for tuning in to this week's Listener Guest Series, brought to you by Hood Hat! Andrew Allred joins the show for another fun conversation. We hope you enjoy it, and thanks again for listening a

Listener Guest Series: Ed McGill joins the show!
September 19, 2021

This week's Listener Guest Series episode is a good one. Quentin and Ed McGill talk baseball, family, and nostalgia. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much for listening! Check us out on social media

Listener Guest Series: Brad Howell + how to get into adult baseball leagues
September 12, 2021

Hey everyone! Brad Howell joins the show to talk some baseball! We also talk about playing baseball through local adult leagues! So get your chaw and pine tar ready cause this is a fun one!

I’m addicted to energy drinks, the legend of Steve Carlton, ’94 Strike
September 01, 2021

This episode is absolutely bonkers! Steve Carlton is a competitive madman who prob pounds meatloaf and does burnouts in the El Camino, energy drinks got Quentin feeling like The Ultimate Warrior but l

Listener Guest Series: John A joins the show!
August 10, 2021

Hey everyone! Listener John A joins the show to talk some good baseball! Thanks so much for listening! Check us out on social media if you get dragged into an awkward social interaction and need t

Willie McGee, The Sandlot Days, HR Derby, Baseball Bats
July 29, 2021

Hey everyone! In this episode, Quentin talks about the legend of Willie McGee, swinging baseball bats in the house, the sandlot days, and a bunch of other stuff. Thanks so much for listening! Chec

Good Baseball Talk with Frank
July 18, 2021

What's up, everyone! Thanks for tuning in! We continue with our listener guest series with Frank Petrignani. This was such a fun conversation with so much good baseball and nostalgic talk. Che

Shane Barclay from JapanBall
June 21, 2021

Continuing with our guest series, Shane Barclay joins the show to talk baseball nostalgia, traveling the globe & watching baseball and Shohei Ohtani! This was a fun episode, so we hope you enjoy it! Thanks for listening!