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The Hat Guy! Graham Maclagan
February 20, 2021

Q-Dogg is gonna start having more guests on like Joe Rogan does, so he called Graham. We talk hats, baseball, and other things. Episode brought to you by Hood Hat! Never Leave it Behind. Thanks for listening!

The nostalgia of a good hat, John Kruk stories, watching baseball with my daughter
February 16, 2021

Q-Dogg talks about the meaning of a good hat, watching baseball with his daughter, and he tells some cool stories about John Kruk. Thanks for listening! Check out our social media while you're on the toilet. Instagram: @GreatestShowOnDirt

Brad Balukjian, author of The Wax Pack
January 24, 2021

Q-Dogg has his first real guest on the show! Brad Balukjian takes us back to the 80's with his phenomenal nostalgic baseball book. Brad opened a pack of '86 Topps, slaughtered hundreds of cups of coffee, and went on a road trip to meet every player in ...

The Niekro bros, Miracle Whip sandwiches, buying cigs for mom
January 18, 2021

Q-Dogg talks about the legend of the Niekro brothers, how his wife caught him eating Miracle Whip sandwiches, and how he used to drive to the gas station when he was 12 to buy his mom Marlboros. This episode has a bunch of crazy shit in it,

Batting Stances with Empty Wrapping Paper Tubes! Merry Christmas!
December 19, 2020

Q-Dogg talks slammin' Hamm's, eatin' Hormel meat & cheese trays, and doing batting stances with empty wrapping paper tubes! Also, jumping off the house onto the trampoline, shooting friends with BB guns, and some other degenerate stuff!

70’s Baseball Part 3: The Ballparks!
December 08, 2020

Q-Dogg talks 70's ballparks, old console TVs, and eating all the corn dogs! Also, his passion for the microwave is unparalleled. Thanks for listening! Check out our social media for more fun! Instagram: @GreatestShowOnDirt

70’s Baseball Part Two: Gritty Ballplayers!
November 16, 2020

Yo, what up! Q-Dogg talks about some of the grittiest dudes from the 70's! Thanks for listening! Check out our social media for some good baseball nostalgia! Instagram: @GreatestShowOnDirt Twitter: @GreatestOnDirt Facebook: @GreatestOnDirt

70’s Baseball Part Two: Some of the Good Guys
November 15, 2020

Q-Dogg talks about some of his favorite players from the '70s! He also talks about beating his brother to breakfast and getting the last bowl of Cookie Crisp and wonders why toys don't come with boxes of cereal anymore! He's a big weird-o.

70’s Baseball Part One: 10-Cent Beer Night!
November 08, 2020

Q-Dogg talks about what it used to be like as a kid back in the day, then gets into some rad 70's baseball, including ten-cent beer night in Cleveland and Hal McRae being a psychopath on the bases! Thanks for listening.

TP’ing people, 1991 World Series, cigs and old baseball cards
October 25, 2020

Thanks for listening! Check out our social media for more fun! Instagram: @GreatestShowOnDirt Twitter: @GreatestOnDirt Facebook: @GreatestOnDirt