The Good Life EDU Podcast

The Good Life EDU Podcast

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Nebraska Principals Make School and Staff Culture a Priority
February 18, 2021

An episode with Dani Beerbohm and Tammy Carlson

Behind-the-Scenes of The Mind Inside, Episode 3
February 11, 2021

A podcast with Nebraska Loves Public Schools

Digital Citizenship and Fostering Digital Leaders
January 28, 2021

An episode with Jennifer Casa-Todd

Personalized Learning and Developing Independent Learners
January 20, 2021

An episode with Tricia Pettis and Kaela Loo

NETA's Ongoing Support of Education Throughout the Pandemic
January 15, 2021

An episode with Julie Moore

Designing Alternate Reality Games for Education
January 06, 2021

An episode with Paul Darvasi, PhD

A 1-Hour Q & A with Dr. Catlin Tucker
December 16, 2020

An episode from a TLT Professional Learning Training with Dr. Catlin Tucker

How a Group of Students Created a Self-Care Initiative for Their School
December 09, 2020

An episode with Ryan Clark, Jen McNally, and three Tri County HS Students

Updating the Nebraska Teacher and Principal Standards
December 02, 2020

An episode with Kim Snyder, Julie Downing, and Ryan Ricenbaw