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Stoic Strength Trainer

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Episode 47: Do What’s Necessary And Be Done (Gymchiridion 39)
March 26, 2021

In the context of a consistent exercise practice you can over train. It's not likely, the body is highly adaptable and resilient, but it does happen. However, in the context of life beyond the gym you are likely overtraining almost every single day.

Episode 46: Focus On Making The Excellent Choice In The Moment (Gymchridion 38)
March 19, 2021

You probably know the importance of warming up before physical activity. And if you're really on the ball you know why it's important to do so. But do you know how to "warm up" your mind? And why it's even more important?

Episode 45: When Training Never Sacrifice Excellent Form (Gymchiridion 37)
March 11, 2021

Skill is a matter of practice. But not just any practice. Deliberate practice. Intentional practice. Repetition isn't enough. You need to pay attention to the quality of practice. Practice is a skill in itself. In other words,

Episode 44: Keep In Mind The Context Of Your Choice (Gymchiridion 36)
March 03, 2021

Henry Ford said, "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it." Leaving aside the general insult at the end he had it right. When we're conditioned to respond one way, perhaps poorly,

Episode 43: Having The Confidence Of Your Convictions (Gymchiridion 35)
February 24, 2021

When you have the confidence of your convictions you no longer need courage, you no longer need to endure criticism. It's like closing the door in the face of a bad winter storm. Now you're inside. You're comfortable, warm.

Episode 42: There Is No Pleasure As Pure As Virtuous Self-Control (Gymchiridion 34)
February 17, 2021

There's an important difference between self-control and virtuous self-control. A parallel can be drawn between busy and productive. The former may lead to experiences and outcomes that you'd prefer not to create. Only the latter is consistent,

Episode 41: Interview With Brain Wrangler James Tripp
February 10, 2021

James is an internationally recognized and respected thought leader, coach, and teacher. He's the developer of the critically acclaimed "Hypnosis Without Trance" approach to hypnosis which was my first introduction to his work. 

Episode 40: Decide Who You’ll Be And How You’ll Behave In The Gym (Gymchiridion 33)
February 02, 2021

"When you know who you are you know what to do." The reverse of that also makes sense. "When you know what you do you know who you are." Neither of these is an absolute truth but they're true enough to be practical.

Episode 39: There Is No Risk When Taking Action (Gymchiridion 32)
January 26, 2021

When you've decided on the most excellent action you can't let your uncertainty of outcome deter your taking that action. You may succeed; you may fail; you may attract harsh criticism. None of that is up to you. Events will unfold as they may.

Episode 38: Why You Must Accept Whatever Unfolds (Gymchiridion 31)
January 19, 2021

When you don't, or can't, accept reality as it is you're making life harder than it needs to be. Now you are mishandling the very materials you need to build the life you want. If life's a wrestling match, as many ancient Stoics suggested,