The Film Buds Podcast

The Film Buds Podcast

Episode 44: Final Portrait and You Were Never Really Here

April 25, 2018

Cooper joins us for the third week in a row to pose for a famous artist in Stanley Tucci's Final Portrait then search for a missing girl in You Were Never Really Here. Later we tackle Avengers: Infinity War's long-awaited critical reception, current political climates effecting movies and television, films we've gone from hating to loving plus we also talk Silence, Chef's Table: Season 4, Get Curious with Jonathan Ness, God of War (2018), and Silicon Valley.


0:00 - Intros: Coffee Shop Bathroom Mishaps and Lactose Intolerance vs. Cheese Pizza

10:20 - Review: Final Portrait

29:05 - Review: You Were Never Really Here

1:10:00- News: Avengers: Infinity War's Rotten Tomatoes Score

1:20:25- Mail: Current Politics Effecting Cinema, and Films We've Gone From Hating to Loving

1:43:26 - Picks of the Week: Silence, Silicon Valley, Get Curious with Jonathan Van Ness (Podcast), 2018's God of War (Video Game), and Chef's Table: Season 4.

2:04:03 - Outros: Cooper Back for Infinity War? Maybe?


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