The Film Buds Podcast

The Film Buds Podcast

Episode 36: Annihilation and Mute

February 28, 2018

We investigate a supernatural anomaly in Annihilation then wander through a dystopian city in Netflix's Mute. Later we tackle the supposed Cheetos creator biopic, if we would enjoy an animated movie about President Donald Trump, our filmmaker/actors of choice for a classic movie remake, and more!


Intros: (0:00) Braden is on-the-way!

Review: (8:23) Annihilation

Review: (1:00:39) Mute

News: (1:27:50) The supposed Cheetos creator biopic

Listener Mail: (1:32:05) Would we watch a satirical animated movie about President Donald Trump? What would be our filmmaker/actor of choice for a classic film remake?

Picks of the Week: (1:48:40) A Tale of Love and Darkness, The Birdcage, Run All Night, The Big Sleep, and The Towering Inferno

Outros: (1:56:56) Henry just can't end the show on a high note...

Annihilation Spoiler Discussion: (1:58:50)


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