The Film Buds Podcast

The Film Buds Podcast

Episode 30: Darkest Hour and The Imitation Game

January 11, 2018

We try to contain a military disaster with Joe Wright's Darkest Hour then crack a code in The Imitation Game (2014). Later Chloe gives us her perspective on the Golden Globes, then we talk the new Red Sparrow trailer, big 2017 movies we didn't mention in our Top 10s, what era we would like to live in (and what would we do), and more!


Intros: (0:00) Braden's roller coaster story, Chloe's getting forgetful, and Henry's awkward first date

Review: (12:35) Darkest Hour

Retro Review: (36:53) The Imitation Game (2014)

News: (1:01:45) Chloe's energetic recap of the Golden Globes and the new Red Sparrow trailer

Mail: (1:37:04) Why didn't we mention some big 2017 films in our Top 10s? What era we would like to live in (and what would we do)?

Picks of the Week: (1:58:19) All the Money in the World, Cinderella (2015), and Manhunt: Unabomber

Outros: (2:05:05) Did we scare off our new listeners?


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