The Film Buds Podcast

The Film Buds Podcast

Episode 20: Suburbicon and Tokyo Idols

November 01, 2017

Our buddy Kyra joins us to destroy the neighborhood with George Clooney's Suburbicon then become obsessed with Tokyo Idols. Later we tackle theaters charging different prices for flops and hits, plus best movie characters of all time, and ranking essential films against fun disposable entertainment.


Intros: (0:00) Odd Halloween stories

Review: (12:30) Suburbicon

Review: (1:01:49) Tokyo Idols (Netflix)

News: (1:32:58) Theaters charging more for hits and less for flops

Listener Mail: (1:48:12) Best movie characters of all time, and how to rank films against one another

Picks of the Week: (2:03:10) Henry - The New York Times (Digital Subscription); Braden - Stranger Things - Season 2 (Netflix); Chloe - Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

Outros: (2:13:00) Braden loves Daddy's Home and John Coltrane


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