The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast

The Expanse - An Enterprise Podcast

Latest Episodes

32. Audio Commentary: Unexpected
March 03, 2021

Kris Hill and Kyle West travel back to the early days of Star Trek: Enterprise, as they provide audio commentary for the season one episode, "Unexpected". (Full audio from the episode is included)

31. Shockwave, Part Two – Full Review
February 24, 2021

Does Shockwave, Part Two, pay off the cliffhangers from Part One? Did Hoshi need to be topless? How does this season premiere stack up to the other three in the series? Kris and Kyle tackle all this, and more, in this review of the season two premiere.

30. Shockwave, Part One – Full Review
February 17, 2021

Did Kris and Kyle ever believe the Enterprise crew to be responsible for 3,600 deaths? Was the real culprit a surprise? Did Captain Archer show poor leadership? And, what about that cliffhanger? Full review of Star Trek: Enterprise, "Shockwave, Part One".

29. Hoshi Sato: A Character Study
February 10, 2021

Was Hoshi Sato under-utilised? Our hosts ponder this question, and many more, as they take a close look at Hoshi's four years on Star Trek: Enterprise. Also, what would she be doing, after the NX-01 Enterprise was decommissioned?

28. Detained – Full Review
February 03, 2021

Did the writers of Star Trek: Enterprise feel a responsibility to address the wrongful treatment of Muslim people, following 9/11? Kris Hill and Kyle West discuss this, and many more social issues, as they review the first season episode, "Detained".

27. Emancipation – Season 5 Writers’ Room
January 27, 2021

Kris Hill is joined by Brandi Jackola, as they create another episode for their Season 5 continuation of Star Trek: Enterprise.

26. Regeneration – Full Review (Resistance is Futile, Part 3)
January 20, 2021

The three-part Resistance Is Futile mini-series comes to an end, as Kris Hill and Kyle West review Star Trek: Enterprise's "Regeneration". Includes discussion of the episode, character actions, and more. Also, is there a Borg continuity time loop?

25. Star Trek: First Contact – Full Review (Resistance is Futile, Part 2)
January 13, 2021

In the 2nd week of the Resistance Is Futile mini-series, Kris Hill and Kyle West take a close look at Star Trek: First Contact. This movie reinvented the Borg and forever changed the portrayal of the Borg in Star Trek. What did Kris and Kyle think?

24. Q Who and the Borg (Resistance is Futile, Part 1)
January 06, 2021

Joined by Ria Papageorgiou (co-host, Galaxy Class), Kris Hill and Kyle West begin their build towards a full review of Star Trek: Enterprise "Regeneration" with a close look at The Next Generation's "Q Who". Also: a deep dive into the Borg species.

23. Audio Commentary: Carbon Creek (Patron’s Choice)
December 30, 2020

Kris Hill and Kyle West provide audio commentary for Star Trek: Enterprise's "Carbon Creek". Patreon subscribers chose the subject matter, and discussion style, for this Patron's Choice episode of The Expanse - A Star Trek: Enterprise Podcast.