The Exclusive Career Coach

The Exclusive Career Coach

116: Managing Your Mind to Advance Your Career

February 26, 2020


This month, I’m sharing pieces of programs I offer to corporations, non-profit groups, professional associations, and community organizations.

This week, I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects, “Managing Your Mind to Advance Your Career.”

I created this program because so many trainings focus on the doing part of managing your career, and I wanted to focus on the thinking part.

In this program, I teach participants how to:

-Cultivate a practice to become more aware of your current thoughts

-Begin thinking thoughts that better serve you

-Learn how to think to achieve any goal you set in life

Here’s the deal: Everything in life is either a Circumstance, a Thought, a Feeling, an Action, or a Result.

By knowing the model, which I teach in this presentation and which I’ve talked about many times on this podcast, you develop an invaluable tool for managing your mind.

You’ll be able to download a blank model worksheet, as well as some example models by accessing the URL in the show notes.

To prove that the model works no matter what, I’ve come up with a Circumstance, a Thought, a Feeling, an Action, and a Result you might encounter at work. We’ll do a model around each.


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