The Exclusive Career Coach

The Exclusive Career Coach

072: Leading By Being (with Licia Berry)

March 20, 2019

Throughout this quarter, the episodes have been centered on leadership. In many cases, the focus has been on the “doing” aspects of leadership. Today, we’re talking about the “being” aspects of leadership.

Today’s guest is Licia Berry of Daughters of Earth. Her signature talk, “Leading By Being,” discusses the inward aspects of leadership and purpose.

When you don’t listen to your inner voice, the consequences can be painful. Dreading going to work every day, a malaise, a sense of being on a treadmill and walking as fast as you can, yet going nowhere.

Being on track with your purpose is a joyous, energizing experience.

For many people, job dissatisfaction centers around job title, salary, their boss. Today, we talk about job satisfaction in terms of fulfilling your purpose on this earth.

Licia talks about the indigenous people’s practice of going on a vision quest – getting away from civilization to hear the messages about who they really are and what they were put on this earth to do.

They then bring this newfound knowledge back for the betterment of the entire tribe.

Many of the clues of our purpose can be found in our childhood fascinations and fantasy play. However, somewhere along the way we often lose sight of those early indicators of our purpose. Society doesn’t necessary encourage us to listen to ourselves, instead encouraging us to rely on experts and authority figures.

When we are clear on our purpose, we vibrate in such a way as to attract people to us. People will be drawn to our energy.

Leading By Being is that natural, outward expression of our connection with our inner connection.

In her work, Licia helps women leaders clear up any blockages or confusion they have about their purpose. As a result, they catapult their leadership capacity and show up as the best leader they are capable of being.

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