The Dr. Luis Sandoval Show – Virgin Most Powerful Radio

The Dr. Luis Sandoval Show – Virgin Most Powerful Radio

06 Apr 23 – Gentle Men, Where Art Thou?

April 06, 2023

Today’s Topics:

What is expected of men today? Should a man have feminine traits? What are masculine and feminine traits? Do they have to do with being a man or a woman?

Unfortunately, in todays world we use the word masculine and feminine traits in a way that that makes it seem like certain characteristics belong specifically to a man or specifically to a woman. In reality, we should use a term like traits of humanity that we should learn to use in different circumstances in our lives.

Let’s learn more about these traits, specifically as men, and how we should apply them to our daily lives.

Here are some traits that we should consider; I would not call them feminine or masculine, but aspects of our humanity that we should understand and nurture whether we are men or women

Saint Francis de Sales I think understood this concept of strength and gentleness