The Dream Architect Life: Where Money and Mindset Meet

The Dream Architect Life: Where Money and Mindset Meet

REPLAY: Creating an Even Bigger Future Than Envisioned With Amber Knips, CFP®, CDFA®, CeFT® (Ep. 58)

April 24, 2024

Something every financial planner dreams about doing is helping their retirees achieve a far better retirement than they had ever hoped for.

Our guest, Amber Knips has a lot of experience doing just that.

In this episode, Brittany Anderson chats with Amber Knips, wealth advisor at Sweet Financial, about the biggest obstacles modern-day retirees face and what strategies they can use to mitigate these struggles, both financial and mental.

Amber discusses: 

  • Where she sees retirees getting the most ‘stuck’ and what modern-day obstacles they face the most 
  • How she uses “fear mitigation” with retirees when they are afraid of overspending (and the risk of inexperience because of this fear)
  • What does dreaming big mean to her and how does this mentality apply to retirees like you
  • How to apply the 50/50 retirement approach – the misconception that retirement is either full-time traveling or full-time doing nothing at home
  • And more


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About Amber Knips:

Amber helps people see possibility through life’s greatest and most challenging transitions.  She is someone who has total passion and conviction for what she does. Using her empathetic and sincere approach, she has made it her mission to build deepened relationships with her clients all while helping them cultivate a financial plan that helps them focus on what they most enjoy. After joining the team at Sweet Financial Partners in 2012, Amber has gained extensive experience and training in guiding women through transitions such as the loss of a loved one, divorce, career change, retirement, and much more. You only experience these life transitions a few times during your lifetime, but she helps people through them every day.