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Elomi LIVE LIMITLESS Challenge Interview with Frederika Zappe & Laurel Nash!
September 25, 2019

I have partnered with Elomi for their Live Limitless Challenge, which is an extension of their existing Live Limitless campaign. It’s all about Elomi fans celebrating who they are. The Live Limitless challenge encourages Elomi’s fans to build on themse...

BE Inspired by Life Style Medicine Pioneer, Beth Frates M.D.
September 05, 2019

Who inspired Dr. Beth Frates to passionately pursue lifestyle medicine? How does she empower her patients? What motivates her to stay on track with her optimal health plan? This interview takes you through the steps to ENVISION optimal well-being to BE...

Earth is a Tough Place
August 16, 2019

Let’s face it. “Earth is a tough place!” We all are trying to face each day with the best intentions for our best physical and mental health for ourselves and others at a time that is feeling like “The Era of The Sociopath.” Tune in for tips,

The Strategic F Bomb
August 09, 2019

  In my blog post entitled “Be Empowered! Our Words, Thoughts and Actions Matter” I discussed the power of words and how one FEELS when we use different words. I wanted to share how I talk about the topic of profanity in my office as well as how I hand...

National Fitness Hall of Fame Dr. Bob Weil on “The Mental Game “
August 07, 2019

  Are you ready to be inspired? This week’s show is with “The Sports Doctor” aka Dr. Bob Weil. He is a sports podiatrist specializing in custom orthotics treating kids, teens, and adults including an impressive roster of professional and Olympic athlet...

Adaptive Perfectionism vs. Restrictive Perfectionism
July 30, 2019

This short and sweet show briefly discusses adaptive vs. restrictive perfectionism.  I was about to interview a guest and they were not available. I thought this is a great topic to address “in real time” when my day shifted from original plan.

Teaming Up: A Filmmaker and Psychiatrist Tackle Mental Wellness in Sports
July 22, 2019

    NEWS ALERT “Executive Producer and Film Director Susan Sember of  Beyond the Game Film and Dr. Denise McDermott launched their collaborative Mental Health Awareness Initiative during the NBA Summer Games.

Who Am I? Mikah Maly-Karros, LMFT discusses her transition from NCAA Basketball Star to Beverly Hills Therapist
July 16, 2019

We all agree that athletes are an integral part of our culture as leaders and as ambassadors of change. As a former Division I basketball player and the daughter of famed L.A. Dodger, Eric Karros, Mikah possess a unique understanding of sports psycholo...

Give It Forward Together with Denise Berger Ed.D.
July 01, 2019

I am so excited to welcome Dr. Denise Berger on the show this week! Her dissertation was on Corporate Social Responsibility, “Doing it the Right Way!” She walks the talk! I have witnessed her integrative social conscious teaching style first hand as I ...

Author & Advocate Kirk Miller on “Chaos to Cured”
June 18, 2019

What an honor to interview Kirk Miller this week! “Chaos to Remission” were his powerful words he used to describe his journey from crisis to thriving. Kirk Miller is the author of “Chaos to Cured”, co-host of the radio show Beyond Clarity,