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The Dr. Denise Show

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Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Kirk Patrick Miller
October 13, 2021

Dr. Denise kicks off her Embrace Your Neurostyle & Beyond podcast series with a compelling interview of Kirk Patrick Miller, the author of Chaos to Cured.  Kirk, tells the story of being diagnosed wit

Creative Minds Series with Award Winning Record Producer Joe Solo
October 07, 2021

Status: Super EXCITED for this interview to drop! (understatement) Are you ready to spend some time with Joe Solo? Based in Los Angeles, Joe is the record producer who developed Grammy-artist Macy Gra

Diva Discussions:Brooke Stokes AHA Moments into ABUNDANCE and away from addiction
October 01, 2021

Can you say AHA DIVA MOMENTS?! WE just went NEXT LEVEL with this “part 2” with Brooke Stokes as she shares her hiccups and humilities of embracing her neurostyle on her unique pathway from addiction t