The Design Intent

The Design Intent

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Product Designer vs. Industrial Designer
November 09, 2020

We talk to Arturo Leal. Arturo is a Product Designer for Dell Technologies. We talk about the differences between Product Design and Industrial Design.  This is an interesting talk. There is no controversy in our discussions it’s really about the chang...

Stevan Wittenbrock the life of an Industrial Designer
November 09, 2020

We have a chat with Stevan Wittenbrock a recently retired Industrial Designer. This is an interesting talk about a long life in Industrial Design and the changes that have happened since he started in Industrial Design in the early 70s.

Tom Ryle Sales and Marketing Manager at Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
September 18, 2020

We talk to Tom and his life long love of conservation and Design. He tells us about his transition from being a Designer to a Design Thinker working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife in Washington State.

Space X
August 19, 2020

Dan, Aaron, and I talk about Space X and how interesting that company is. Their use of Design is amazing and makes you want to become a Designer Astronaut.  Its worth taking a look at what they have accomplished. We hope you like this episode.

In House vs. Consultancy
June 25, 2020

In house designer vs consultancy designer

The God Father of Industrial Design
May 13, 2020

Dieter Rams is the undisputed God Father of Industrial Design. He was one of the reasons I went into Industrial Design from Architecture. He mentioned how he dislikes the consumer society that he took part in.

Is There Any New Design?
May 13, 2020

We talk a little about new Designs and new ideas. Are there really any new ideas or Designs? Is there really anyone coming up with new ideas or is everything borrowed from what we see every day? Either we see things from other products or we borrow ide...

Lemanoosh The Designers Companion
March 30, 2020

We had the opportunity to talk to Alex Nys the founder of Lemanoosh. It was really a great conversation and we learned a little about how Lemanoosh got his start. If you are current as a Designer then I know that you use Lemanoosh.

Design Trends. Its not what you think.
March 10, 2020

We talk about what we are seeing in the trends in Design. This is something we will be discussing more often as the year goes by. Its not the kind of Design Trends you are thinking.

Why I am not traveling for the “Golden Samples”
March 10, 2020

Dan, Aaron, and I talk about “The Golden Samples”! Also why I am not traveling to Asia prior to the COVID-19 really blowing up and causing travel to come to a complete halt for most people.