The Culture Soup Podcast®️

The Culture Soup Podcast®️

Ep 149: "First, allow yourself to dream..."— The Coaching Corner

June 04, 2021

When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream—intentionally?


Tonight, I'm hosting a very special The Culture Soup Podcast®. It's a video edition, and it will resemble The Coaching Corner episode, which I've decided to make a once monthly recurring episode during the Thursday timeslot.


We are living through a time of unprecedented change. What would happen if you took the change by the horns? Times of turbulence may seem like the time to hunker down and just wait it out... but if you know anything about my story, you'll know that there is always an opportunity in the storm to thrive and not simply survive.


If you're ready to allow yourself to dream and put a plan to it, join me tonight and bring your journal. Let's have a session with VIDEO.