The Culture Soup Podcast®️

The Culture Soup Podcast®️

145: #TBT Woke washing and things like that, with Candace Peterson

May 06, 2021

While I continue to prepare for the launch of No Thanks, The Remix and the online course and discussion guide, I thought this conversation was still particularly timely.

Woke-washing.  Pink Washing. Pride-Painting.

You’ve seen it in marketing and advertising, or maybe you don’t know what any of it is.  Either way, you need to tune in for this #TBT episode later today.  I’m talking to the global practice lead for consumer brand marketing at one of the largest communications and integrated marketing agencies in the world, FleishmanHillard.    She and her teams are on a mission to ensure that brands “don’t borrow culture.”

Holding up the banner for authenticity, my friend Candace (Candy) Peterson speaks with me about the leadership imperative and how it can have a positive impact for brands that do their homework to understand culture, align with key values and then move forward with well-thought out campaigns. It’s a heavy lift in this digital age, but it isn’t impossible.

We’ll dive into some best practices for all you marketers out there attempting to stay out of hot water. No one wants to get dragged on Twitter.